RockMeā„¢ Smart Wearable Crystal Fashion Line

The RockMeā„¢ Smart Wearable Crystal Fashion Line is a smart, wearable Crystal panel that is controllable to the individual pixel. It takes advantage of the Cloud and smart devices to allow the RockMeā„¢ Gadget to be used and customized from almost any device (iOS, Android or Apple watch) anywhere in the world. Imagine the possibilities! Our RockMeā„¢ App lets you create your own designs, choosing the color and intensity of each separate Crystal on both flexible and rigid panels. Everything from pictures, cartoons, patterns, logos, alerts and messages can be programmed in and shown off! The content is completely up to you!

The RockMeā„¢ Smart Wearable Crystal Fashion Line can be attached to almost anything from pins and hats to skateboards and banners. We make them, you choose how you use them. You can choose from a huge range of defined panels, ranging from character shapes to plates for slogans and messages. Free designs are available or visit the RockMeā„¢ Artwork Gallery, where users can buy and sell designs for RockMeā„¢ crypto-coins (redeemable for cash). Nothing else offers the customizability, quality, value or fun of the RockMeā„¢ Gadget!

RockMeā„¢ App

The RockMeā„¢ App for Android, Apple Watch and iOS allows you to design, use, or sell artwork easily and securely, from anywhere in the world. The app also allows you to control your Gadgets from anywhere, anytime.

The app is available in many languages and is simple and intuitive to use. Ease of use and complete control gets your artwork up and running quickly and easily on any wearable or item you choose!

The RockMeā„¢ Artwork Store is also a marketplace, so artists can create and sell their own artwork for RockMeā„¢ Coins, worldhich you then turn into cash. Use the free designs or choose from premium designs for use with your Gadget!


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About us

RockMeā„¢ is a company with the only fully customizable, wearable Crystal gadgets on the market. Our
patented, unique technology gives our customers the ability to make a wide variety of eye-catching wearables
to suit their marketing and design needs. From shoes and hats, to belts and jewelry, skateboards and event
decorations ā€“ the possibilities are endless. Our gadgets are not only fully customizable by the customer but
they are saveable, shareable and work with a variety of devices and operating systems.

We are a team of experienced designers and engineers who are committed to becoming leaders in the Future of Fashion
while giving our customers and clients the most flexible, incredible experience possible. We do this
with a combination of RockMeā„¢ gadgets and the RockMeā„¢ app to allow you to create your designs right down
to the pixel level. We are an innovative team bringing art and technology together!


How do I Charge RockMe Gadgets?

RockMe gadgets are equipped with powerbank that can be charged easily as per power bank charging instructions. While RockMe shoes are built with wireless charging capability. If you have a wireless charging pad, just place your shoes over the charging pad and it will charge automatically.

Can I Upgrade the Battery?

For RockMe clothing Gadgets, you can upgrade the battery to any capacity, the operation of the RockMe gadgets will not be affected by a change of battery, however you can use our Gadgets for long time on single charge with the battery provided. For RockMe shoes, upgrading the battery is difficult and can be upgradable through RockMe service centres upon request.

What is Wireless Charging? Can I use it with my RockMe Gadget?

The concept behind wireless charging was first time demonstrated by Nikola Tesla over a century ago - the ability to transmit electricity through the air by creating an electro-magnetic field between two circuits: a transmitter and a receiver.
RockMe has used the same incredible concept to provide our customers with high-tech Products: RockMe shoes and clothes are equipped with wireless charging capability. You can charge them wirelessly just like you charge your cell phone with a wireless charging pad.

Is the Hardware Compliant with Safety Regulations?

RockMe follows strict safety regulations to the legal standards required. All our products are equipped with high-end safety precautions to prevent hazards and potential harm that can occur as a result of mishandling.
The necessary precautions regarding overheating, gadget malfunction, battery temperature, circuit heating and shorts, and waterproofing have been integrated into their design.

What is RockMe Marketplace?

The RockMe Marketplace is the place where users can buy and/or sell Artworks made in our Apps.

What is Artwork?

Artwork is the unique color scheme that users can apply to their gadgets. Users can use the free artworks comes with the app or buy paid Artworks from the RockMe Marketplace. Users can create their own Artwork and can share/sell their Artwork on the RockMe marketplace.

Can RockMe App Users Still Create and Sell Artworks Even if they donā€™t own a Gadget?

Yes! RockMe is not just about the Gadgets, it is about setting your creativity free! Use the RockMe app to create your own Artworks and then sell them or give them away to millions of other RockMe users. Make some cash from having fun and being creative!"

How Can I know if there are new Gadgets in the Marketplace?

The RockMe App sends you timely notifications with the latest news and the latest Gadget releases. To See Gadget / Artwork Marketplace updates:
Go to RockMe App > Select Feeds / Marketplace

What is the Cost of Premium Artwork?

The cost of Artwork is based on the number of likes it gets. The more likes an Artwork gets, the more value it will gain. For more details:


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